SIGMA cine prime set 14, 20, 24, 28, 35, 40 50, 85, 105, 135mm “Classic”

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Same Glass. New Image.

Based on the same famous optics as the original Sigma Cine Primes, the Classic Line features an all new coating formula; one which retains the overall quality of the optics while introducing a subtle, yet effective amount of spherical aberration and blooming flares.

Contrast and Halation

As a result of the modified coating formula, contrast is dramatically reduced, creating an organic in-lens softness without sacrificing detail. Blooming highlights provide a nostalgic appeal reminiscent of genuine classic cinema.

Genuine Lens Flare

Another result of the unique coatings, flares are no longer suppressed and in fact, encouraged. The result is a genuine effect that is often attempted in post processing. The native flares produced by the Sigma Classic Primes provide another layer of realism unique to this set of primes.
The front diameter is 95mm, similar to that of other cine lenses and compatible with matte boxes. Compared to lenses in the same class, SIGMA’s cine lenses are more lightweight and compact.

Technical Specifications

Focal Length 14mm 20mm 24mm 28mm 35mm 40mm 50mm 85mm 105mm 135mm
Super35 Equiv. 24mm 35mm 40mm 48mm 60mm 70mm 85mm 145mm 180mm 230mm
T-Stop T3.2 T2.5 T2.5 T2.5 T2.5 T2.5 T2.5 T2.5 T2.5 T3.2
f/ stop f/1.8 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.4 f/1.8
Image Circle 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm 43.3mm
Min. Focus 11″ 11″ 10″ 1′ 1′ 1’4″ 1’4″ 2’10” 3’4″ 2’11”
Iris Blades 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9
Front Dia. 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm 95mm



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