SIGMA cine prime 14mm T2.0

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The Sigma Prime 14mm PL Lens The 14mm opens up to a bright T2.0. Similar physical properties between the lenses in this set allow for quick lens changes in the field. Lens markings in luminous paint against the black finish help to clearly identify focus and iris position in dim conditions.

The front diameter is 95mm, similar to that of other cine lenses and compatible with matte boxes. Compared to lenses in the same class, SIGMA’s cine lenses are more lightweight and compact.

Lightweight and compact
Leveraging the high-precision, high-efficiency mass production technologies developed for its still camera lenses, SIGMA has made extremely lightweight and compact cine lenses a reality. Featuring all functions essential to cinematography, these lenses keep weight and size to a minimum, while their specification is opti­mized for enhanced durability. The end result is a com­bination of performance and compact design at the highest level.

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