K5600 Jokerbug 1600

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The 1600W is the strongest unit of the Joker² range. At 1600W, this Joker is comparable to over 6000W of Quartz fixture output and produces one full stop more than our Joker² 800.

JOKER² (PAR VERSION) : it features a specular reflector and a set of 4 PAR 64 lenses (Medium, Wide, Super Wide and Frosted Fresnel). These lenses provide various light patterns and a maximum output due to the reflector design (parabolic reflector) and finish.

High Speed ballast

The 1600W comes with a dimmable ballast, which is able to work at 300 or 1000 Hz frequency for High Speed shootings.
Drawing only 7.4 Amp on 220VAC, 1600W ballast can run on 16A plug.
Using “Lumenradio” protocol, ballast show antenna and DMX panel on his rear side to be controled by tablet/smartphone.

Ready to travel

With its rolling case, the Joker² 1600W is a powerful fixture easy to bring on journey. It can be run on domestic electrical supply, so no need of generator.

included gear:

  • High speed Ballast
  • lenses
  • Scrims
  • Barn doors
  • Spare Bulb

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