K5600 Alpha 9K

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The 9K wattage is the latest addition to the range of the Alphas. Possessing the same dinstinctive features of the 1600W, 4K and 18K, the 9K has already proven itself on several shootings.

Versatility and main features

The 450 mm Fresnel lens allows a 10° to 60° clean controllable beam. Removing it, an 90° (angle) even beam is created for hard shadows and perfect for Chroma key. The combination of high-efficiency small Quartz reflector with computer-designed structural air vents provides efficient convection cooling in any operating position – even pointing straight down. The Alpha 9K can be also used in 6K, just by changing the bulb.

Lightweight and High Speed ballast

Weighing only 24.8 kilos, this ballast can fire up your 2.5K, 4K, 6K or 9K, and it runs at 100 Hz, 300 Hz and 1000 Hz. This unit has an Auto scan function which corrects automatically the frequency to ensure stable shoot at any speed.

included gear:

  • High speed Ballast
  • lenses
  • Scrims
  • Barn doors
  • Spare Bulb

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