IBE Optics Velociter x0.8

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The Velociter x0.8 optical rear attachment reduces the focal length of the RAPTOR Macro Lenses by 0.8 and simultaneously increases the lens speed by almost one stop. It does this by concentrating the light from the full-frame sensor onto the S35 sensor. For example, the RAPTOR 100 mm/T2.9 becomes a 80 mm/T2.3.

Even though the image diameter is reduced by a factor of 0.8, sensors up to the RED DRAGON 6K FF or ANSI S35 Silent can still be covered. The Velociter x0.8 can easily be installed in place of the extension tube of the PL UMS Mount without re-shimming. With the converter connected to the lens, only PL cameras can be used.

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Max. image diameter ∅ 36.0 mm
Magnification x0.8
Max. aperture infinity T 2.9
Light drops (stops) 1.0
Diameter 54.0 mm
Length 31.0 mm
Weight 0.18 kg