IBE Optics PLx2

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While most extenders can only physically fit on a limited range of lenses, the design of the PLx2 accommodates more spherical and anamorphic PL mount lenses than any other doubler on the market. This is achieved by designing the extender with a deep-set optical assembly, thus, making it possible to use lenses with long protruding rear elements.

The PLx2 will mount perfectly to any digital camera with a native PL mount. It will also clear the spinning mirror on ARRI and Aaton 35 mm cameras.
Optically, the PLx2 projects an image circle large enough to cover all commonly used 35 mm formats including 5K on RED Epic and 4:3 full frame on ARRI Alexa.

Maximum image diameter: 34.5 mm
Maximum input T-stop: 1.9


  • Extends the focal length
  • Telecentric design for digital cameras high performance at all T-stops
  • Flare optimized high-end systems
  • Fits most PL lenses on the market
  • PL-PL Extender
  • PL UMS Mount System for flexibility

Additional information



Optical design (lenses/groups) 7/5
Focal length extension 2x
Max. image diameter (mm) 34.5
Max. input T-stop 1.9
Light drop (stops) 2.0
Lens mount PL Standard
Camera mount PL UMS Mount*
Length (mm) PL to PL 48.2
Diameter (mm) 78.0
Weight (kg) 0.55

* without F-Mount