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The versatility and ease of a zoom lens with the fast aperture and sharpness of a prime lens. Zeiss Vari Primes give you the ability to work faster by reducing the time it takes to change prime lenses as well as enable you to get the precise focal length required for the shot. The fast T2.2 maximum aperture of the Vari Primes is considerably faster than most zoom lenses which eliminates the need to over-light a set in order to accommodate a slow zoom lens. With just three lenses you will be able to shoot as wide as 16mm and as telephoto as 105mm– and you’ll also be able to shoot at every focal length in between!! PACKAGE INCLUDES: Zeiss VP1 16-30mm T2.2 Zeiss VP2 29-60mm T2.2 Zeiss VP3 59-105 T2.2

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