ARRI M60 HMI daylight

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The Arri M60 fills the gap between the M40/25 and the ARRIMAX 18/12 ARRI with a 6,000W HMI Head and a 6/9 kW ballast specially made for it. Osram has created a 6K lamp for this power class that is nearly the same size as the 9K version allowing use of either lamp in the MAX Technology reflector and with the ballast. The highly stable, 6K lamp can also be used for high speed filming at 1,000Hz with the ARRI EB 6/9K camera and an optional high speed ballast.

The M60 uses lens-less MAX technology to combine the characteristics of a Fresnel and PAR source. With a focus range of 16 – 49°, normally only achieved with supplementary lenses, the M90 performs like a traditional 12K with the compact form factor of a 6K head. Innovations include CCL, which compensates for power loss when using long cables and Cross Cooling which separates the electronics from the lamp housing, thus ensuring greater longevity of the head and lamp.

The 6/9K Electronic ballast with ALF and DMX has been streamlined and packed with features like CCL to compensate for power loss over long cable runs and Active Line Filter to counter electromagnetic interference. Since the M60 can accept either of Osram’s 6K or 9K lamps, the EB 6/9K features automatic detection of both lamps and lamp heads. There’s also a low noise mode and DMX on/off and 100-50% dimming control. To help you monitor the unit while shooting, it has LED indicators for input voltage, protective earth, over temperature, lamp on, detected lamp, and low noise mode as well as an illuminated on/off switch.

included gear:

  • Arri high speed Ballast
  • Scrims
  • Barn doors
  • Spare Bulb

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