ARRI M40 HMI daylight

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Like all members of the M-Series, the M40 unifies the advantages of a PAR light and a Fresnel fixture. Due to the unique lens-less MAX Technology, the unit is open face and thus very bright, but also focussable over a range of 18 to 52° HPA (Half Peak Angle), casting a crisp shadow. The reflector characteristics is optimized for 4000w lamps, but can also be used with 2500w lamps.

The lamphead is equipped with a CCL module (compensation for cable loss). When operated with the ARRI EB 2.5/4 with CCL, full power is maintained all the way to the lamp even when very long cables are used. This means uniformly high light output independent from cable length.


  • Lens-less MAX Technology: Easy to use
  • Around 30% brighter than the ArriSun 40/25 4k PAR
  • Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL)
  • Tubular steel yoke with two disk brakes & steel handles
  • Cross-Cooling allows safe operation at extreme tilt angles
  • Suitable for high frame rate images

included gear:

  • Arri high speed Ballast
  • Scrims
  • Barn doors
  • Spare Bulb

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