ARRI L7-C Color LED Fresnel

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This modern fresnel fixture is incredibly versatile. Light output is equivalent to a 650W – 750W tungsten fresnel, without the heat and with more versatility in colour temperature. Being an LED fixture, the L7-C also uses a lot less power than traditional hot lamps, so you can use more of them on standard domestic circuits.

Colour temperature is adjustable between 2,800K – 10,000K, plus there is full +/- green adjustment (great for matching other light sources) and RGBW colours for total control over hue and saturation, without the need for gels.

Whereas other LED fixtures have taken forms that demand sacrifices in the quality of lighting designs, the L-Series is unique in that it fits perfectly into established working practices. This means that lighting designers will not have to adapt their creative techniques, nor will studios have to change their operating procedures; conventional Fresnels can be exchanged for L7 Fresnels on a like-for-like basis, achieving substantial and immediate cost savings with minimal disruption. L-Series Fresnels burn cold; the lack of forward heat significantly reduces studio air conditioning costs and allows for a much cooler work environment. This makes life easier on set, both for the technicians behind the lights and the talent in front of them.

True Blue-style focus knobs provide the precise adjustment and rapid flood-to-spot that users enjoy from manual, mechanical control. Knobs on both sides of the fixture ensure easy access from all positions, eliminating the need for awkward reach-arounds. Focusing is neither tedious nor time-consuming; full flood-to-spot can be achieved in only three turns. The ARRI sliding stirrup design enables precise adjustment of the fixture’s center of gravity, to compensate for front-end accessories. It also creates the option of pulling the fixture back and reducing its hanging height. With an extremely slim profile, the extruded aluminum yoke provides high strength without added weight. An optional pole-operated yoke allows full operation of pan, tilt and focus from the floor and is therefore a popular choice for many studios.

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